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MAPS Benefits: head teachers
 MAPS Overview
To understand the basic principles behind MAPS, why not try our easy to understand Assessment Cycle diagram.
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 MAPS: Raising Standards
The MAPS assessment system offers a comprehensive system for tracking student's progress in ICT by providing each pupil with their own portfolio from key stage 2 to key stage 3. In the first OFSTED inspection of a MAPS school, the above average attainment of the children in ICT was attributed in part to the MAPS software.
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 MAPS, cutting the cost of portfolio based assessment

In ICT, best practice dictates that work should be annotated: for most schools this means lots and lots of expensive print outs. However, the MAPS built in annotation and messaging system means that virtual post it notes can be attached to a piece of work without any printing out of work at all!
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 MAPS : Moderation, ensuring consistent standards
Key to the professional development of teaching staff and the consistent application of curriculum standards, moderation has never been easy in ICT with nearly all work stored locally on school networks. With the MAPS assessment system, online moderation portfolios allows teachers to choose work to appear in either school wide or LEA wide moderation portfolios.
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 MAPS built in assessment tasks
Based on units from the QCA scheme of work and the new key stage 3 strategy units of work, the MAPS cutting edge assessment tasks are ready to use "out of the box".
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Sample Tasks
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